Light/Source PAX Demo 2017 - Available for Download

Hey guys, Chris from Salty Studios here just typing up a quick message to all our fans and friends we have met over the course of this amazing journey in to indie game development. 

Today we are launching our PAX AUS demo that we showcased this year to the public for feedback and scrutiny. Tear it apart, tell us its bad and give us some feedback to help really shape the game we know we would be proud to make and a game you would love to play. The demo attached is the rebuilt demo we showed off at PAX as most of you know we had a bit of an unforeseen accident which caused us to lose the build we wanted to show.

So we have the demo that we worked hard on fixing over the course of the 3 days, the feedback and support was amazing and really encouraged us to work even harder on the project. The game has come super far from this demo but we believe the core concept still comes along strongly and hope that you can see what we are striving for from Light/Source.

Thank you again to everyone who supported us and happy gaming!


LightSource PAX Demo (Rebuild) 25 MB
Dec 07, 2017

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